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Friday, September 12, 2014


Tomato soup is most popular soup in most parts of the world.Kids love this as appetizer 
Easy took and minimum ingredients needed to cook and delicious taste,may be these are the reasons for becoming most popular dish.

Main Ingredients

5  Tomatoes- big   (ripe ones only)

1 Onion big (sliced)
3 garlic flakes (chopped into small pieces
1 bay leaf
2 Bread slices 
1 table spoon butter
1/2 Table spoon any edible oil 
2 table spoon corn starch or all purpose flour(maida) mixed in 2 1/2 table spoons water 
Crushed pepper cones(kali mirch/miriyalu in Telugu)


1.heat the griddle/tawa/pan and place the bread slices on it,add little butter ,cook on low flame and toast the bread slices till they become brown  and crisp both sides,make the toasted bread into small cubes and keep it aside

2.Mix the corn flour/all purpose flour in 2-3 tables spoon water and make a solution and keep aside.

3.Wash the tomatoes thoroughly,remove the stems and eyes of tomatoes and make 4 quarters each

4.Cut the onions into round slices 

5.boil tomatoes and onions together in a dish for about 15-20 minutes switch off the flame,let it cool 
6. Now place the boiled tomato and onion in blender jar/Mixer Jar and make fine paste,if you need you can add permitted food color RED at this stage,keep aside 

7.Now place a wok on stove ,switch the flame to low,Add edible oil,after 2 minutes add Butter 

(adding butter directly to pan makes the dish discolored) to the frying pan

8.Add chopped garlic and bay leaf to the pan,fry for 2 minutes

9.Reduce the flame add corn starch/all purpose flour solution  solution very slowly to pan string continuously(other wise the solution will become too thick)

 add 1/2 table spoon  water at this stage

10.after 4 minutes add tomato onion puree slowly in low flame

11.stir continuously (otherwise it will get burnt)

12.Add salt and pepper powder 

13.Add cream to soup

14.add 1/2 T spoon of sugar,mix well 

15.Add  toasted Bread cubes to soup

and Serve hot

Note : cut the tosted bread into different shapes, kids luv this.