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Thursday, September 4, 2014


Suffed Egg Plant (Brinjal) and Coriander curry 

Dhania Bharli vangi 

vankaya kotti meera karam kura  

This Curry is Andhra coastal delicacy,very simple to do with minimum ingredients,Yet superb taste

Main Ingradients

1)Brinjal (Egg plants (small ones) Gutti vankaya in telugu   : 250 grams

2)Coriander leaves                                                             1 bunch

3)Green Chillies                                                                 5 -6

 depending on your taste

4)Salt                                                                              1 tea spoon 

as per your taste

5)Zeera                                                                           1/2 Tea spoon

6)Edible Oil                                                                     3-4 Table spoons 

  for frying


1)Wash the  Brinjal (Egg Plants ) Make slits on from below in four sides (keep the stem in tact)

 drop the slit brinjal in water containing salt and little turmeric,keep them aside

2)Wash coriander leaves bunch  and cut the roots portion,please see that there will not be any sand or impurities remain with coriander leaves

3)Grind Corainder leaves,Green chillies,Salt and Zeera seeds to semi paste


4.Now take out the Brinjal from water and stuff these brinjal with coriander,chill paste 

5.Place pressure pan on stove and add edible oil (if you want you can add tadka spices such as urad dal,Chana dal,zeera and mustard seeds and garlic cloves at this stage,how ever this is purely optional)

6.After oil attains medium temperature,place stuffed brinjal slowly one by one with stems intact 

7.Add little water the pressure cooker lid and cook for one or two vigils (or you can cook in open pan for about  15-20 minutes 

9.Switch off the flame and remove the Stuffed Egg Plant (brinjal) Coriander Curry to serving bowl and garnish with Coriander leaves

Goes well  with Chapati or with plain steamed rice with  Ghee