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The origin of Biryani is uncertain. In North India, it is traditionally associated with the Mughlai cuisine of Delhi and theAwadhi cuisine of Lucknow; in South India, it is traditionally associated with the Hyderabadi cuisine.
The word "biryani" is derived from Persian language. One theory is that it originates from "birinj", the Persian word for rice. Another theory is that it derives from "biryan" or "beriyan" (to fry or roast).
There is a theory about the Mughals having brought biryani to India, but another theory claims that the dish was known in the South Asia before Babur came to India. It states that the word "biryani" is of older usage in India.



This dish is most popular dish in Europe,Mexico and other Eastern countries. is a side dish made from white ricetomatoesgarliconions, and other ingredients. It is traditionally made by sauteing  the rice in a skillet until it is golden brown. Water or chicken broth is then added along with chopped tomatoes or tomato sauce.Original dish contains mix of Vegetables and Non Vegetarian such as Chicken and rabbit,but I modified it to Vegetarian delicacy as world is fast becoming vegan way

Main Ingredients 

Serves ; 6 (or as per your requirement)

1 cup Basmathi/long grain any aromatic rice (250 grams)

7-8 French beans -cut into tiny cubes
2 carrot -cut into tiny cubes
1 capsicum (bell pepper) -Cut into tiny pieces
2 tomatoes finely chopped 
1 table spoon  curd 
4 table spoon any edible oil 
1 big onion -finely chopped 
1 table spoon grounded whole spices or Indian Garam Masala (optional) 
 1 1/2 Tsp Salt or as per your taste

For Paste

6-7 flakes of garlic 

2-3 dry red chilies(soaked for about 1 hour)

For spice powder (Garam masala)

 (ground all the whole spices such as 1/2 tsp coriander , 3-4  black pepper cons,2 sticks cinnamon (Dalchini),3-4 cloves,1/2  tsp coriander seeds, 1/4 tsp of cumin seeds

or alternatively you can make spice powder as per below

 mix of cumin powder,coriander powder,cardamom powder,black pepper powder and cinnamon powder


1.Boil rice in plenty of water till just tender (for 1 cup of rice put 5-6 cups of water to boil in large pan .add rice after water is at boiling stage,check taking a rice grain from boiling water,press it with your fingers if it is done it will become soft)when the rice is cooked ,strain it ,drain the water ,avoid over cooking ,which produces mash,cool the rice in a broad vessel,do not cover it .fluff it with a fork to let the steam escape,so that grains do not stick to each keep aside

2.Wash beans& carrot .put in pressure cooker with 3-4 table spoons of water keep on fire .as soon as the hissing sound starts ,remove from fire ,do not let the whistle come.keep aside

3.Roughly powder the Indian spices together coarsely

4.Crush garlic & soaked whole red chilies together to paste 

5.Heat the oil in wok / kadhai ,add onions ,cook till light brown 

6.Add garlic -chili paste,cook for 1-2 minutes 

7.Add curd ,Tomatoes & Capsicum(bell pepper) you can use green or yellow colored bell pepper as dish looks attractive. Cook on low fire for 1 minute 

8.Add powdered spices,steamed carrot & beans ,Mix well 

9.Add boiled rice ,add Salt Stir for 2-3 minutes 

Serve hot 

Note : Non Vegetarians may add steamed Chicken or Rabbit or any other meat as per choice (original dish contains these things)



It is a  RAYALA SEEMA (AndhraPradesh)) special dish. Ragi is very good for health and also it is very rich in iron.good recipe for DIABETICS

RAGI FLOUR                             2 CUPS
RICE                                        1 CUP    (EACH CUP IS 100 GRAMS)
WATER                                     7 CUPS
SALT                                        1 TSP OR AS PER YOUR TASTE


  • 1
    Soak rice in water for 30 min.. Boil 7 cups of water in a cooker/vessel. When the water boils, add the drained rice in to the vessel. Allow it to boil until the rice gets well cooked.

  • 2
    Simmer the stove and add salt & Ragi flour as a heap on top of the rice. Do not mix it, close that vessel/cooker with a plate and let it be for 10 min.

  • 3

    Now remove the plate of the vessel/cooker and immediately mix well with a woodden masher until it is all well get mashed and combined.

    4    Now remove cooker/vessel from the stove and once it becomes warm make large balls of it. Serve it with Spinach or any other Leafy Dal or Sambhar/any non-veg such as natu kodi pulusu (a typical Rayaseema-Andhra curry) curry.
    • **********************************************************



      Ingredients(Each cup = 250 ml/grams)

      1.5 cups basmati rice
      2 tsp cumin/jeera
      1 inch cinnamon/dalchini
      1 black cardamom/badi elaichi
      2 green cardamom/choti elaichi
      1 bay leaf/tej patta
      2-3 cloves/laung
      5-6 black peppercorns/kalimirch
      1 or 2 threads of mace/javitri
      2-3 petals of star anise/badian (optional)
      3 cups water
      2 tbsp oil or ghee
      some coriander leaves for garnishing (optional)
      salt as required


      soak the basmati rice in water for 30-40 minutes.
      drain the rice and keep aside.
      heat a pan.
      add oil or ghee.
      on a low or medium flame when the oil becomes hot, add the cumin and all the whole spices mentioned above.
      let the cumin get browned and the oil fragrant from the spices.

      add the soaked rice.

      stir and saute for 1-2 minutes.
      add salt and water.
      cover and cook the rice is cooked.
      the rice should get cooked but not mushy or pasty.
      keep checking in between whilst the rice is cooking.
      when the jeera rice is done, fluff the rice and serve jeera rice hot.
      garnish jeera rice with some coriander leaves before serving.


      few tips for jeera rice recipe:
      1. you can also make the jeera rice in the pressure cooker. then add 2 and ¼ cups water.
      2. to add some color, add a pinch of turmeric or a pinch of saffron to the rice.
      3. this jeera rice recipe can be double or tripled.
      4. if using onions, then slice them. brown/caramelize the onions first before adding them to the soaked rice. the rice gets a nice light brown color due to the browning of the onions.

    • **********************************************************

    • Aromatic Herb Rice


      2 cups medium-grain white rice
      Finely chopped leaves of fresh mint, cilantro and basil,Lemon
      2 cups water
      Salt to taste


      Take a heavy bottomed saucepan and bring 2 cups of water to a boil. 

    • Add in the rice and salt to taste.

    • On boiling, reduce the heat and

    • let it cook on simmer till it is tender.

    • Mix in the herbs. Serve hot.


      Herbs have been used in cooking for centuries, for their delicious, delicate flavors as well as their medicinal properties. Fresh herbs are antioxidants. Mint works as mouth freshener while basil offers cardiovascular benefits. Cilantro helps reduce LDL and increase HDL

    • Herb Rice can be combined with fish, vegetables or meat. For added flavor and
    • Protein, you can use vegetable broth of mushroom or beef. Herbs may include
      Oregano, cayenne, lemon grass, thyme, sage, parsley, coriander, cilantro, mint, basil, Dill and rosemary
      Oriental spices like nutmeg, mace and cardamom can lend an exotic flavor to Herb Rice recipe.
    • **********************************************************


    • 1 1/2 cups sliced onions
      2 tbsp cashewnuts (kaju)
      2 tbsp almonds (badam)
      2 tbsp raisins (kismis)
      1/2 cup ghee
      4 cloves (laung / lavang)
      2 black cardamom (badi elaichi)
      2 bayleaf (tejpatta)
      3/4 cup chopped onions
      1 tbsp ginger-garlic (adrak-lehsun) paste
      1/2 cup mint (phudina) paste
      1/4 cup coriander (dhania) paste
      3 tbsp biryani masala
      salt to taste
      3/4 cup chopped potatoes
      3/4 cup chopped carrot
      5 to 6 chopped french beans
      1/4 cup cauliflower florets
      2 tbsp fresh cream
      1/2 cup curds (dahi)
      1 tbsp chopped coriander (dhania)
      dough to seal

    • Method

    • Cook the rice such that each grain of the rice is separate.

    • Add the saffron milk mixture to the rice and mix well.
      Divide the rice into two equal portions and keep aside.
      Heat the oil in a kadhai and deep fry the onion slices till they turn crisp and golden brown in colour.
      Drain on an absorbent paper and keep aside.
      In the same oil, deep fry the cashewnuts, almonds and  till golden brown. Drain on an absorbent paper and keep aside.
      Heat half the ghee in a deep pan, add the cloves, cardamom and bayleaf and saute on a high flame for a second.
      Add the onions and ginger-garlic paste and saute till onions turn transculent.
      Add the mint paste, coriander paste, biryani masala, salt, all the vegetables, cream and remaining milk.
      Cook on medium flame till all the vegetables are cooked.
      Remove from the flame, cool it on room temperaure add the beaten curds and mix well.
      Divide the gravy into two equal portion and keep aside.
      Heat the remaining ghee in the deep vessel, sprinkle little fried onions, than spread the one portion gravy and top with rice.

    • Repeat the same process and rice should be on top.
      Spread fried onions, cahewnuts,, almonds and coriander evenly on the top of the rice.
      Cover the vessel with the lid and seal it with the dough and allow to dum for half an hour.
      Serve hot with raita.
    • **
  • Baby Corn Rice or Sweet Corn Rice

  •  is tasty and healthy rice preparation,Easy to cook with minimum ingredients 

  • Ingredients:
    • Rice – 1 cup
    • Sweet Corn – 1/2 cup
    • Green Peas – 1/4 cup
    • Ghee – 2 tea spoons
    • Cumin seeds – 1/4 table spoon
    • Dalchin – 1/2 inch
    • Cardamom – 2 nos
    • Bay leaf – 1 nos
    • Cloves – 4 nos
    • Green Chilli – 1 nos
    • Ginger Garlic paste – 1/2 table spoon
    • Cashew nuts – 8 nos
    • Coriander – 1/4 cup
    • Salt – as per taste

    Method :

    1. Wash the rice and soak it for 30 mins.
    2. Add Sweet corn and Green peas in a pressure cooker and boil till 3 whistles.
    3. Heat gee in a pressure cooker, add Cashew net, Dlachin, Cardamom, Cloves, Bay leaf, Cumin Seeds and Green Chilli and stir for few seconds.
    4. Now add Ginger Garlic paste and fry for one minute.
    5. Add soaked rice, boiled sweet corn, boiled green peas, salt and 2 cups water (1:2 ratio).
    6. Close the lid and cook till three whistles, wait for some time till pressure is reduced.
    7. Garnish with Coriander. Serve hot either with Raitha or curry as per your taste.
    8. Garnish with a coriander and Anar dana (pomegranate)

This dish is authenticating Goan dish with slight exception that instead of Prawns,Mushrooms were used for the sake of Vegans (veggies) 


 (measuring cup = 1 cup = 250 ml)

1½ cup basmati rice – you can use any type of long grained rice

1 packet of button mushrooms of about 200-250 gms

1 medium size onion, thinly sliced or finely chopped

1 medium size tomato, chopped

1 medium size potato, peeled & cubed (optional)

1 green chili, chopped

1 or 1.5 tsp ginger garlic paste or crushed ginger-garlic, about 2 to 3 garlic and ½ inch ginger

½ tsp cumin/jeera (optional)

2 to 3 green cardamoms/hari elaichi

3 to 4 cloves/laung

4 to 5 black peppercorns

1 to 1.5 inches cinnamon/dal chini

1 cup thick coconut milk + 1.5 to 2 cups water or 2.5 to 3 cups water (add depending on the quality of rice. usually most basmati rice which have been soaked for 20 to 30 mins before, requires about 2.5 cups water if you want separate grains. for a slightly more cooked texture, you can add 3 cups of water)

2 tbsp any vegetable oil

salt or sea salt as required


Clean, wash and soak the rice for 20 to 30 mins. When the rice is getting soaked, chop all the veggies. Rinse and chop the mushrooms too.and cut them 

Take all the whole garam masala and keep it aside.

In a pressure cooker, heat oil. Add the whole garam masala including cumin, and fry till they become fragrant. about few seconds.

Add the onions and fry them till translucent.

Add the ginger-garlic paste and saute till the raw smell of the paste disappears.

Now add the chopped tomatoes, potatoes and other vegetables Saute for 3-4 minutes

Add mushrooms. Saute for 8-10 minutes till the mushrooms are half cooked. Keep on stirring in between..Add the coconut milk and Add the soaked rice and the chopped green chili.

Saute the rice for 1-2 minutes stirring in between on a low flame Add water. Stir and add  salt.

Pressure cook the rice for 2 to 3 whistles.

When the pressure settles down on its own, remove the lid and gently fluff the rice.

Garnish with coriander leaves or mint leaves and serve mushroom pulao with sliced onions and lime.

You could also have Mushroom Pulao with onion-tomato raita.

Note : 

Non Vegetarians may replace mushrooms with prwans and cook in the same way to make Goan Prwan Pulao 

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Chef Mohan 


Tawa Pulao recipe 

Main Ingredients:

- Boiled rice 3 cups

- Tomatoes finely chopped3-4 medium

- Oil 2 tablespoons

- Cumin seeds 1/2 teaspoon

- Onion finely chopped1 medium

- Ginger paste 1/2 teaspoon

- Garlic paste 1/2 teaspoon

- Green peas boiled and mashed1/2 cup

- Carrot boiled and diced1 medium

- Red chilli paste 1 tablespoon

- Salt to taste

- Green capsicum finely chopped1 medium

- Fresh coriander leaves chopped2 tablespoons

- Lemon juice 2 tablespoons

- Special ingredient any  Pulao Masala  2 teaspoons


Step 1

Heat oil in a pan. Add cumin seeds and sauté till well browned. Add the onion and sauté till lightly browned. Add ginger paste, garlic paste and tomatoes and sauté till tomatoes become soft.

Step 2

Add green peas, carrot, JRC Pulao masala, red chilli paste and a little water. Mix and cook for two to three minutes.

Step 3

Add the rice and mix. Add salt, green capsicum, coriander leaves and lemon juice and mix well.

Step 4

Cook on high heat for a couple of minutes. Serve hot.