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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

RAVA LADOO (Suji Rava Laddu) From Indian Kitchen-Pakashala


Rava Ladoo or Ravva Laddu is a popular easy to make Indian sweet which is prepared from Suji Rava (Semolina/Bomayi rava/Karachi Rava),Ghee,Little Milk,Sugar,Coconut ,Dry Fruits and Cardmom Powder.Good for evening snack to kids.and can be stored for 3-4 days.

Main In gradients 

1)Suji Rawa/Semolina/Bombai rawa     1/4 th Kilo

2)Sugar                                                       1/4 th Kilo (Iam taking 1 : ! ratio Rava : Sugar) 
                                                                     you can take 1 : 3/4 if u dont like the dish to be too                                                                          sweet 

3)Ghee                                                        2 Table spoons

4)Cardamom Powder                               1 Tsp

5)Milk                                                          1/2 cup (around 30 M.L)

6)Dry fruits                                                 10 -15 (Cashew nuts)

7)Raisins  (Kismiss)                                   10-15

8.Grated Coconut                                       1/2 shell (about 100 grams)


1.Place the Kadai on Stove,Keep it in low flame mode

2.Add ghee 

3.Add Dry Fruits and Kismiss (raisins) 

4.Fry till you get good aroma

5.Add Suji Rawa (Semolina/Bombai Rava) to the Pan

6.Turn the stove to Medium flame,Fry for 5 minutes

7.add Sugar ,mIx well 

8.Add Grated Coconut 

9.Add Cardamom Powder(Ilachi powder)

10.Now stich the flame and Add Milk slowly,Mix thoroughly

11..Make balls of medium size when the rava is semi hot 

Store and Serve