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Thursday, September 11, 2014

Spanish Rice - Paella Mixta - Arroz Espanol

This dish is most popular dish in Europe,Mexico and other Eastern countries. is a side dish made from white ricetomatoesgarliconions, and other ingredients. It is traditionally made by sauteing  the rice in a skillet until it is golden brown. Water or chicken broth is then added along with chopped tomatoes or tomato sauce.Original dish contains mix of Vegetables and Non Vegetarian such as Chicken and rabbit,but I modified it to Vegetarian delicacy as world is fast becoming vegan way

Main Ingredients 

Serves ; 6 (or as per your requirement)

1 cup Basmathi/long grain any aromatic rice (250 grams)
7-8 French beans -cut into tiny cubes
2 carrot -cut into tiny cubes
1 capsicum (bell pepper) -Cut into tiny pieces
2 tamatoes finly chopped 
1 table spoon  curd 
4 table spoon any edible oil 
1 big onion -finly chopped 
1 table spoon grounded whole spices or Indian Garam Masala (optional) 
 1 1/2 Tsp Salt or as per your taste

For Paste

6-7 flakes of garlic 
2-3 dry red chilies(soaked for about 1 hour)

For spice powder (Garam masala)
 (ground all the whole spices such as 1/2 tsp coriander , 3-4  black pepper cons,2 sticks cinnamon (Dalchini),3-4 cloves,1/2  tsp coriander seeds, 1/4 tsp of cumin seeds

or alternatively you can make spice powder as per below

 mix of cumin powder,coriander powder,cardamom powder,black pepper powder and cinnamon powder


1.Boil rice in plenty of water till just tender (for 1 cup of rice put 5-6 cups of water to boil in large pan .add rice after water is at boiling stage,check taking a rice grain from boiling water,press it with your fingers if it is done it will become soft)when the rice is cooked ,strain it ,drain the water ,avoid over cooking ,which produces mash,cool the rice in a broad vessel,do not cover it .fluff it with a fork to let the steam escape,so that grains do not stick to each keep aside

2.Wash beans& carrot .put in pressure cooker with 3-4 table spoons of water keep on fire .as soon as the hissing sound starts ,remove from fire ,do not let the whistle come.keep aside

3.Roughly powder the Indian spices together coarsely

4.Crush garlic & soaked whole red chilies together to paste 

5.Heat the oil in wok/kadhai ,add onions ,cook till light brown 
6.Add garlic -chili paste,cook for 1-2 minutes 
7.Add curd ,Tomatoes & Capsicum(bell pepper) you can use green or yellow colored bell pepper as dish looks attractive. Cook on low fire for 1 minute 

8.Add powdered spices,steamed carrot & beans ,Mix well 
9.Add boiled rice ,add Salt Stir for 2-3 minutes 

Serve hot 

Note : Non Vegetarians may add steamed Chicken or Rabbit or any other meat as per choice (original dish contains these things)