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Thursday, September 4, 2014


Indo -Chinese Dish 

Crispy Fried Vegetables is a crispy and delectable snack. Learn how to make/prepare Crispy Fried Vegetables by following this easy recipe.


1)Mixed Vegetables (french beans cut into small piece,Cauliflower,Potato,Carrot) 
 to be diced or cut into small squares 
                                                                     1 cup (250 grams approx)

2)Corn Flour                                                   1/2   cup 

3)Rice Flour                                                    1/2   cip

4)All purpose flour (maida)                              1/2     tsp

5)Cooking Soda   (sodium Bi carbonate)           1/2 T sp

6)Salt to Taste                                                1/4 th T sp

7)Red Chilli  Powder                                        1/4 th Tsp (or as per your Taste)

8)Water                                                         as required for making the batter

9)Edible Oil                                                    5-6 table spoons for deep frying  

10)Spring Onions(Green and White parts)        1 table spoon

11)Pepper powder                                          1 table spoon 


 (Alternatively you can use Red chilli sauce or Sheezwan sauce)

1)Whole Dry Red Chillies                                5 nos

2)Garlic (chopped into small pieces)                5-6 cloves

3)Vinegar                                                      1/4 th Tsp

4)Ajinamoto (China Salt)                                1 Tsp


1) Chopped Spring onion (white and Greens)   2 Tbsp

2)Minced Garlic                                            1 tbsp

3)Green chilies cut into pieces                       1 Tsp


1)Add all cut vegetables,Cornflour,Maida(all purpose flour),Rice flour,Salt,Pepper,cookind soda(baking soda) and water in a bowl,Make thin batter to be evenly coated to all Vegetables 

2)Heat the Kadai/wok and add edible oil for deep frying,Keep the flame to medium

3)Drop the batter coated Vegetables into oil.Deep Fry them in medium heat till they become crispy and turn into golden brown

4)Remove the fried vegetables  from oil and place them on oil absorbent paper napkin 

Second Stage (Seasoning)

1) Grind the soaked dry red chillies with little water and make it as paste

2)Place a kadai and add 1-2 tables poons of oil,Heat the oil in Low temperature

3)Add Ground Red Chilli Paste,Minced Garlic. Stir fry for 2 minutes,once chilli paste and garlic is cooked,add cut spring onions,Green Chilli pieces to the kadai(Pan) and Saute for few minutes 

4)Add Deep Fried Crispy Vegetables to the kadai(Pan/wok)mix well so that chilli paste will be coated to all veggies

5)Remove the Cryspy vegetables to plate and serve hot with Tamato or chili sause