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Thursday, September 4, 2014

Panasa pottu kura -Raw jack fruit curry -(from Andhra) from Indian kitchebn Pakashala

Raw Jack fruit Curry or Panasa pottu kura is traditional Coastal Andhra Godavari besin side dish,it is a most sought and must recipe in typical Andhra Brahmin weddings or house warming ceremonies.With Mustard paste taste too good.goes well with plain rice with ghee 


Main Ingredients 

250 grams of  de husked Raw Jack fruit
10 grams Tamarind juice 

For Chilli paste

6-7 Green Chilles (depends on your taste)

1 " Ginger piece

For Seasoning 

1/2 Tsp Mustard Seeds
1/2 t spoon urad dal (minapa pappu in telugu)
1/2 T spoon Chana Dal (bengal Gram) Senaga pappu in telugu
        little Hing
2-3 table spoons edible oil 
2-3 dry red chillies

For  Mustard paste 

1-2  t sps of Mustard seeds -soaked for about 5-6 hours

For Garnishing 

10 broken cashew nuts 
Curry Leaves 


Wash the De husked Jack fruit chopped into small pieces  thoroughly(this de husked Jack fruit is available in market in Hyderabad or in A.P)

Place dish on stove and add at least 3 cups of water ,Add turmeric and little salt

Boil for at least 20 to 30 minutes till the jack fruit pieces becomes tender and soft check with your hand.

Now drain the Jack fruit from water and press them to release excess water.

Keep this jack fruit chop aside


Place a kadayi on stove in low flame

Add edible Oil to pan

now Add all spices kept for seasoning (see above) and vertically split chilli (just 2 for garnishing)

stir constantly till spices splutter

Add Chili Ginger paste (now turn the flame to medium)

Fry for 5 minutes stir constantly 

Now add boiled Raw jack fruit pieces to pan 

Add salt

Add little turmeric

Add Hing

Add Cahew nuts and curry leaves at this stage 

 Now switch the flame to low from medium 

Add Mustard paste  (make paste of Soaked mustard in blender-else you can use 3 tsps of Mustard powder which is available in the market)

Add de seeded Tamarind Juice 

cook for 5 minutes with Lid on and switch off the flame

Serve Hot,Good with Hot plain rice