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Thursday, August 21, 2014


Egg dosa is increasingly becoming popular these days,actually we too get bored with traditional dosas such as plian dosa,Masala dosa,We need a break and tht Break is this Egg Dosa,Nutritionally this combo holds good,we will start the process,let us see the ingredients required for this EGG DOSA                           
    • For Dosa Batter
    • Raw rice(Pachari) – 1 ½ cup
    • Urad Dal – ¾ cup
    • Water – 1 ½ cup
    • Salt

    • For Top Layer
    • Egg – 1 each for 2 dosa
    • Tomata (optional)
    • Small onion
    • Green chilli (optional)
    • Salt
    • Grama Masala
    1. Soak rice and urad dal separately in water for 6-8 hrs
    2. Wash the soaked urad dal and grind it first well by adding ¾ cup of water. Pour it to a bowl.
    3. Now in the same way grind rice well by adding ¾ cup of water.
    4. Add it to the urad dal and mix well
    5. Keep it overnight for fermentation
    6. After fermentation add salt to the batter and mix well
    7. Beat eggs with chopped onion, green chilli, and salt and keep it aside
    8. Heat a flat tawa and grease it with oil
    9. Pour the batter (approx 4-5 tbsp) in the center and spread it to a thin round
    10. Sprinkle the Garam masala powder over the Dosa 
    11. Immediately pour 3 tbsp of beaten eggs over it.
    12. Put some pieces of chopped tomato on the top.
    13. Cover it with a lid and cook for 1 or 2 mins
    14. Now flip it to the other side and cook for a min.
    15. Serve hot.