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Sunday, May 17, 2015


Mexican  Rice  Cooked in Casserole 


Mexican Rice Casserole is traditiona Mexican dish rice baked with vegetables or meat with mexican suace and cheese.This dish tatse so good and forms main course of Mexican cuisine

Main Ingredients 

Ingredients for cooking rice

1 cup Rice

1 Tsp Salt or as per your taste 

1 tsp Edible Oil 

3 cloves 

6 cups Water 

Ingredients for Mexican Sauce 

4 - 6 flakes big garlic - chopped and semi crushed 

2 Dry hole Red chillies  broken into bits 

2 onions chopped very finely 

1 big tamaoto chopped very finely

1 tbsp Tamato sauce 

1/4 tsp pepper powder(preferably white pepper powder)

1/2 to 3/4 tsp salt to taste 

Other Ingredients 

2-3 brinjals(egg plants,aubergines,Baingan) Long or small variety 

1 tsp Salt 

1/2 tsp red chilli powder 

2 table spoon  gram flour(chicpea flour) -Besan in Hindi 
1/2 table spoon Rice Flour 

Edible oil to fry 

25- 50 grams -Cheese 

1 tbsp -butter melted or Ghee 


1)Wash ,Rinse and Clean Rice,Soak Rice 10 minutes 


2)Boil Water with Salt cloves and edible oil 

3)Drain rice and Add to the boiling water when the water attains boiling point 

4)Stir and cook the rice till done 

5)Strain the rice in colander and Keep Boiled Rice aside

6)Wash and Cut into 1/4 thick slices and soak in salted water ( this will prevent oxidaisation and blackening of brinjal slices) 

7)Remove from Water and spread on a plate and sprinkle salt and chilli powder ,Rub well

8)Keep aside for 10 minutes,So that they release water 

9Sprinkle 2 table spoons gram flour and rice flour  on the brinjal slices .rub and coat the brinjal withgram flour 

10ow Deep Fry the Brinjal slices and keep them aside on absobent papaer napkin 

Making of Mexican sauce 

1)Heat oil in khadai/wok/sauce pan on low flame 

2)Add Gralic and Red chilli flakes ,cook for 1 minute 

3)Add onions tillthey turn light brown 

4)Add tamaotoes and cook for -5 minutes till tamotoes turn soft and pulpy

5)Add the tamoto sauce and salt 

6)Add pepper powder and stir 

7)Keep mexican sauce aside for further preparation 

 Making of  casserole dish 

1)Grease 2 inches high oven proof jar with butter and spread rice in it 

2)melt butter in a small pan on low flame and pour over the rice 

3)Cover the rice with Single layer of fried brinjals 

4)Spread the mexican sauce over the brinjals ,press lightly with the spoon 

5)grate Cheese generously on the sauce ,Keep a side 

6)Before serving time bake it at 180 C temperature in oven and Serve Hot 


1)You Can garnish with Bell pepper(Capsicum/Shimla mirch) green,red or yellow or simply serve as it is 

2)Non Vegetarians may add diced meat instead of Brinjal/Egg Plant ,rest of the process is same