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Thursday, May 21, 2015


Aavakaaya (Telugu: ఆవకాయ) is a variety of Indian pickle popular in South India with its origin in Andhra Pradesh, the Telugu speaking state. The main ingredients are mangoes and aavalu (powdered mustard) and a combination of other spices used for pickling

Main Ingredients:

Raw Mango, large (about 1and 1/4 kg ) – 3 nos

Fenugreek seeds (methi seeds /menthulu) – 3 tsp

Mustard seeds/powder  – 1 cup

Salt  –         1 cup

Bright Red chili powder – ½ cup (Andhraites may use 3 mongoes brand  or Swatik brand gunturu Mirchi 

powder )

Gingelly Oil (Sesame oil/pappu nune ) – 1 cup

Garlic flakes  12- 15 flakes 

Black chick peas (Perantam senagalu)  - 2-3 tsps (optional)

Hing - 1 tsp (powdered) 

Method :

Wash and wipe the mangoes. Cut it into Cubes with shell on (bite sized pieces) working around the seed. It weighed approx.,Remove the seeds  1 kg without the seeds, roughly 3+3/4 cup when measured.Each piece should have hard portion of outer shellof seed (tenka in telugu,please see the picture) Remove thin layer attached to the hard shell portion.

Heat a pan and dry roast fenugreek seeds, shaking the pan so that it gets roasted well. Take care not to burn the seeds  Transfer it to a bowl 

Now add red chili powder, salt ,Mustard powder in equal quantities (Red chilli powder should form like cone in measuring glass and Mix well (check salt )

Transfer the cut mango pieces to a food grade container. Add the Hing (asofoetida  powder),Galic flakes and black chic peas and 

stir well with a wooden spatula so that it coats all the mango pieces evenly.

You can use your hand But watchout please apply coconut oil before touching Avakaya masala,other wise your hands gets burn 

Add the gingelly oil to the mango pieces and stir well. It will look dry and as though the oil is not enough. But cover the container and let the pickle sit for 3 days.

If possible keep shaking the container or stir using a clean spatula 2 or 3 times a day. After that, 

you can see the oil floating on top.After a week of resting and letting the mango pieces soak in the oil and spices, they would have softened considerably well.

Avakai pickle is ready to be served.

Transfer to sterilized, dry bottles or ceramic containers (Jaadi ) and pour the remaining oil so that they float on top.

Store in room temperature. It keeps well for a year. Use a dry spoon while using to serve  other wise due tomoisture pickle willget spoiled 


1)You can use ready made Mustrad Powder (rai powder/Ava pindi) or else just dry roast the mustards ,let 

it cool and ground it to powder,Use the same 

2)Those who does not like garlic ,they may leave this ingradient. 

3)Sterilize the bottles well and sun dry them before storing the pickle and always use clean dry spoon to serve.