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Saturday, May 16, 2015


Kulfi is Frozen Dessert,Most Popular Indian "Ice Cream" accross Indian Sub Continent,it is the combination of milk and dry fruits.

Main Ingradients 

3 cups full fat whole milk - 750 ml

75 to 80 gms mawa/khoya/evaporated milk, (about 3.5 to 4 tbsp)

2 tbsp to 3 tbsp  sugar, adjust as required 

1.5 tbsp rice flour or 1 tbsp corn flour

3 tbsp milk to dissolve the rice flour or corn flour

20 shelled unsalted pistachios

20 almonds

4 cardamoms,Coarsely powdered

1 tsp kewra water or Rose water or a drop of kewra essence or rose essence or you can use vanilla essence

2 pinch of saffron, crushed (optional) 


Heat milk on a sim or low flame in a wide pan or kadai,for at least about 18 to 20 mins. Then the milk will reduce and thicken in this period of time.

Now grate the khoya or crumble it very well. keep aside.or if Khova/Mawa is semi dry,crush the khova with hands to make pwder. 

Powder the pistachios and almonds to a semi fine consistency in a dry grinder. keep both of them aside.

crush the cardamom pods  and powder finely. discard the husks.

dissolve the rice flour or corn starch in 3 tbsp milk. mix very well. keep aside.

After 18 to 20 mins, add the sugar and stir.

let the sugar dissolve and after 3 to 4 mins, add the rice flour paste or corn starch paste.

keep on stirring after adding the paste, so that no lumps are formed.the whole mixture has to be lump free, so keep on stirring.

after 4 to 5 mins, when the mixture has thickened, add the mawa/khoya

 Add powdered almonds and pistachios along with cardamom powder.

stir very well and just simmer for a minute or two on a low flame. keep on stirring so that the 

khoya/evaporated milk is distributed evenly.switch off the flame.

Add the kewra water or Rose water and crushed saffron and essence

Let the kulfi mixture cool.

then pour the kulfi mixture in kulfi moulds or in serving bowls or in a tray.

freeze the kulfi keeping in refrigerator 

once the kulfi is well set, unmould the kulfi sliding a butter knife at the edges. remove on a plate.

slice the kulfi and serve immediately.

Notes :

 you can also serve kulfi directly in the serving bowls or glasses.

The above glass is shown just to get the ocal Desi look,You use your creativity and Imagination here