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Friday, May 8, 2015



The intricate jalebis have a somewhat chewy texture with a crystallized, semi-fermented, sugary exterior coating, which contributes to the unique flavour of this dish. Relish hot or cold!

Main Ingredients:

Ingredients for Batter

1/2 Cup Maida or All purpose flour

1 tsp of Corn Floor
1/2 tsp Fruit Salt /Baking Soda
1/4 tsp Vinegar or Lime Juice
1 tsp Yogurt
5 tbsp Water
Ingredients for Batter
3/4 Cup Sugar
1/2 tbsp Lemon Juice
1/3 Cup Water


To make sugar syrup

Heat pan on a medium heat, add sugar and water and mix well until sugar gets dissolved with the water.Then bring the syrup to boil.

After syrup boils, lower down the heat and simmer the syrup until you get one flow consistency.

Add lemon juice once you get single thread consistency on the syrup.

Mix and keep it warm.

To make jalebis

Take flour in to mixing bowl.

To that add corn flour, yogurt and mix well.

Then add water, vinegar/Lime Juice  and make that in to thick but pourable consistency batter.Add eno fruit salt/Baking soda  and mix well.Let it rest for atleast 20 Minutes for fermentation 

Now pour the jalebi batter in to ketch up bottle or any Zip loc bag.

This bottle is used to make swirls (Just keep rotating the ketchup bottle to make circles,Dont worry about shapes ,intially i too got different countries maps ..Ha ha ) 

Heat oil in the pan on the side.

After oil is hot, make little swirls in the oil to give that a jalebi shape.

Repeat the same process 

Fry from both the sides till jalebis get light golden color.

Soak up the jalebis in warm syrup from both sides.(You may add saffron strings or Govt Permitted Artificial Food Color at this stage,Iam adding saffron strings)

Then  remove jalebis on to separate dish.

Some use ful Tips

You can also add fried jalebis straight in to sugar syrup.

Use Federal gvernment permitted  food color so that jalebis will get good color.(optional)

Use Sour Curd (if you have),This will give perfect fermentation effect.

Alternatively you can use Zip Bags/Polythene covers to make jalebi swirls 

Just make a hole in the bottom and fill it with batter 

One sting consistency of Sugar syrup means ,when you take the syrup in your fingers (thumb and pointing Finger and streach the fingers it should give string like gel between two fingers,then you are ready with your syrup For Eaxample see the below picture .

If you fail in your first attempt also,dont worry,chefs too fail many times,Next attempt will be successful,Just practice making swirls of batter in oil ,rest is simple :-)