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Tuesday, April 21, 2015


Crispy onion rings are tasty and simple tea time snack,easy to cook and loved by all 


1/2 cup all purpose flour (Maida)

1/4 th cup corn flour/Corn starch 

2 table spoons Dry potato flakes (optional)

1/4 T spoon pepper 

1/4 t spon ajwain(vamu in telugu ) Caroom seeds

1 tspoon baking powder/cooking soda(sodium bi carbanate 

2 cups bread crumbs 
 (if you dont find bread crumbs readily avaialable,please trim all sides of bread and shallow fry the soft part of bread on skillet,after cooling crush with your hand into powder) 

2 cups any edible oil for frying (or as per your wok this is basically for deep frying)

2 large onions cut into thick slices and separated into rings

salt to taste 

1 tsp red chilli flakes 


1)Whisk togeather all purpose flour(maida),Corn starch ,dry potato flakes,pepper powder,chilli flakes,caroom seeds(ajwain) baking soda ,salt in a bowl and make a smooth batter 

2)Place Bread crumbs in a shallow bowl 

3)Cut the Onions into thick rings 

3)Place a kadai/wok  on stove and add edible oil for deep frying 

4)Heat the oil to max temp for 3-4 minutes 

5)Dip few onion rings into the bowl of batter and turn to coat all sides with batter

6)Remove Onion Rings from batter and place them into bread crumbs bowl,coat the rings with crumbs all sides

7)cook a few rings at atime in hot oil until golden brown(about 2-3 minutes)

8)Transfer to cooling sieve to drain excess oil 

9)Serve hot at Tea time 


How to Make  Bread crumbs at home 

1)Trim all sides of bread (brown lining) 

Make the bread into small pieces 

Place the bread in pieces in blender 

Mince to coarse grains 

Remove the corse bread crumbs to bowl and later store in air tight jar


I think you have enjoyed  learning another dish from your recipes kitchen

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Chef Mohan