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Wednesday, January 14, 2015


Ariselu(Telugu) /Attherisam(Tamil) 

This is a Traditional sweet snack prepared for Makara Sankranthi in the southern State of Andhrapradesh and some parts of Tamil Nadu.This dish made up  of Grounded Rice,Jaggery/Sugar,Sesame seeds and Edible Oil
Tastes so good with storage value.


• 1/4 cup Sesame Seeds
• 1 kg Rice 
• 3/4 kg Jaggery or Sugar
• Oil for deep-frying
• 1 cup Water

How to make Ariselu:

Wash the rice and soak it for about 6 hours.
Drain the water and keep the rice on a cloth for drying.

Make fine powder by grinding it in a mixie.
Shred the jaggery and put it in a pan.
Add water to the jaggery and dissolve it by boiling.
Make thick syrup of this mixture on low flame.
Gradually add ground rice to it and stir constantly. There should not be any lump formation.
Remove the pan from fire

Prepare balls out of this mixture.
Press the balls on a plastic sheet to shape them in the form of round puris.
To decorate, roll the puris lightly in the sesame seeds.
Heat oil in another pan.
Deep-fry these puris on low flame till dark brown.

Ariselu is ready.

You have to press the areselu for removing excess oil as rice flour absorbs lot of can use the presser available in market or

place the arisa on  Chapathi on Chakla or rolling board and press it with any other hard object to remove excess oil

Note : Instead of Jaggery you can use Sugar also

Note : if you add edible oil  and dry copra pieces while making the dough,you can use it as chalimidi (for Telugu speaking population only)