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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

LOUKI KA KOFTHA CURRY - Bottle Gourd Roundels dipped in Onion Tamato Gravy

Lauki Koftha Curry 


.Grated Lauki. (Bottle gourd ).1.1/2 cup,
 Besan 2 tbspn,
 Onions 2-3 grated, 
 Tomatoes 3-4 grated, 
 Ginger garlic paste..1 tspn,
 Salt, 1 tea spoon or as per your taste
 Chilli powder 1 tea spoon or as per your taste ,
 Turmeric, 1/2 Tea spoon
 Coriander powder 1 tea spoon 
 Cumin Powder       1/2 Tea spoon ,
 Fresh cream (or condesed or thick toned milk)..1 Table spoon.
 Milk..1/2 cup, 
 Any edible oil  ; for Frying 


Mix besan with grated Lauki ,(Grated bottle guard)
Add salt chilli powder  and  make a mix..
(do not drain the water from Lauki As it will help in binding)
Make small roundels/dumplings of Besan and Bottle Gourd Mix 

 Fry in small roundels...strain n keep aside.

In a kadai (Wok/Frying Pan ),fry the onions,
 Add tomatoes, and other spices 

Then add water for gravy
After a boil add the milk and Fried roundels ( Koftas)
l cook for a while on sim 
Add the cream and little Kasturi methi.
Simmer .till the required consistency
Garnish with Chopped  coriander leaves ( dhania patha,)and serve with phulkas/Chapathis (flat Indian Wheat Bread) or with Paranthas....