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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

AGRA KI PETHA - Indian Desert/Sweet (Ash Gourd candy)

Agra Ki Petha Sweet 

is transluscent Dessert /Sweet preparation usaully be found in recangular or un even shapes made of Ash gourd (Winter melon/White Pumkin ,Wax gourd,Safaid Peetha ,Budida gummadi(telugu)) and sugar
Very Popular desert from Agra City of Northern India.


• 1 kg Ash Gourd (Petha) (peeled and cut) 
• 1 tsp Alum Powder (Phitkari) OR  alternatively you can use edible Lime (Chuna) available in any Indian stores/For Indian sub continent ,in any Pan shop 

• 800 g Sugar 

• 1 tbsp Lemon Juice

Method :

Peel the outer skin of Ash Gourd and make un even pieces 
•Take the ash gourd pieces and prick it with a fork.
•Place the pieces in a large pan filled with water and add alum powder/Edible Lime powder  to it. Boil it for fifteen minutes and take off from heat.

Now marinate for 5-6 hours 

Drain and wash it thoroughly under cold water.
Place a bowl and add 2/12 Litre water
Add 500 Grams of Sugar and add Ash Gourd pices to it and cook till all the sugar syrup absobed by the Ash Gourd 

Now Remove Ash gourd from syrup and place aside 

•In a pan, take one cup of water and add sugar to it add Lemon juice and cook it till the sugar is dissolved and bring to boil cook till you get 3 string consistency .

• lower the flame and add the cooked ash gourd to it.
•Cook till the ash gourd is completely cooked in  the sugar syrup which has  thread like consistency.
•Take off from heat and arrange the pethas in a tray, so that they do not stick to each other.

•Allow it to cool completely.